Meet the Team!


Hi, I am Kelly, the founder of White Pine Creative. WPC has been an evolution and combination of talent, art, and joy over the past few years. Originally starting out as a one man band, WPC quickly grew into a thriving young business. I naturally brought my friends along for the ride who happen to be persons of great skill and attention to detail.

Client Manager

Meet Courtney. She’s the brains behind the operation. Keeping dozens of clients happy, juggling emails, phone calls, and updating websites – she pretty much does it all… while being a full-time mom of two boys! She keeps them and the rest of us in-shape and in-line.
Thank you Courtney!


Caleb, who also goes by “Lob,” is our very own full-time in-house photographer. Caleb has an eye like none other. Often the director of cinematography of our shoots or sent out solo, he comes back with the most incredible shots, and to be honest the quality makes us all envious of his skill!


Here’s the smartest kid of the group. Josh is an extremely talented, yet humble programmer. Versed in several programming languages, Josh never ceases to amaze us with his infinite solution to key tasks. To save yourself time, don’t ask Josh, “If it can be done”, ask him, “When will it be done?” Josh never fails to impress us with his craft and we are honored to have him as a part of the team.


Here is our savior. Amber brings a freshness to the table – always. With a talent that is second to none, she is the artist that shines light at the end of the tunnel for our clients. Her designs are timeless master pieces that could be appreciated in any age.


Meet Mike. Mike has several undisclosed qualifications in special operations ranging from mall security to bank officer. He provides tactful and timely security measures to some of White Pine Creatives larger shoots. Keeping larger named clients protected and secure, he allows WPC to operate and film in more public settings/venues.